2 Beds 1 Bath Apartment, Missoula, Montana

2 Beds 1 Bath Apartment, Missoula, Montana

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2 Beds 1 Bath Apartment

Captain John Mullan
Hi everyone! I have accepted a new job at Wells Fargo, currently plan to move back to Missoula later this month, and am in search of a reasonably priced apartment or room in a shared house. I am generally quiet, but get along with just about everyone I meet and am always down for a hang out. I'm a huge fan of music, animals, the outdoors,? computers, and more. I like to keep a clean and organized living space and am totally fine with having a roommate with a critter. Feel free to message me if you want to know more! I hope everybody is having a good day!
Missoula, Montana
$ 600 USD

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