Looking for Roommate, Missoula, Montana

Looking for Roommate, Missoula, Montana

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Looking for Roommate
$550 Ahora $515

Missoula, MT
Looking for Roommate S 14th St W, Missoula, MT 59801, United States This is a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 2 story unit. I?m looking for a clean, organized, and at least somewhat motivated roommate. There is 1 reserved parking space, then someone else parks on the street. It?s located on 14th street between Russell and Reserve, so great location, basically? center of town. I don?t live in it yet. I?m set to move in on September 10th with whoever works out. It is occupied until and getting cleaned til then. As far as payment goes, on the day of moving in, what will be due is: $550 security deposit (total was $1100), $515 is half of rent, then utilities will be added. I believe it includes, electric?
Missoula, Montana
$ 1,100 USD

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